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Hunde- und Katzenfeinkostladen


Google Ads

In order to constantly acquire new customers, we run Google Search and Display Ads for the Hunde- und Katzenfeinkostladen. And we also run the YouTube and app campaigns.

From the conception to the creation to the evaluation and ongoing optimisation of the campaigns.

We also take care of the creation and placement of campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.

Nestos Futter Social Kampagne

more projects

Kinderhaus Löwenherz Website

Kinderhaus Löwenherz Website

New website for the Children's house Löwenherz[dipi_scroll_image scroll_image="" scroll_image_height="530px" scroll_image_height_tablet="530px" scroll_image_height_phone="400px"...

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Online shop & SEO for the Leuchtenstudio Seiter[dipi_scroll_image scroll_image="" scroll_image_height="633px" scroll_type="on_mouse" scroll_speed="30" back_scroll_speed="10"...

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