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Website development

After creating a logo and a CD manual, we created the bilingual website for the job placement company. We have designed a separate landing page for applicants and companies for each occupational sector served and filled it with search engine optimised texts.

Search campaigns on Google / SEA

To reach both companies looking for applicants and applicants looking for companies, we ran several campaigns on Google Ads. This has enabled us to reach over 1,000 enquiries per month.

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Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Online shop & SEO for the Leuchtenstudio Seiter[dipi_scroll_image scroll_image="https://amber-marketing.at/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/leuchtenstudio-seiter.png" scroll_image_height="633px" scroll_type="on_mouse" scroll_speed="30" back_scroll_speed="10"...

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