Website Development & SEA
for the shopping arcade

Stockcity Plaza


We designed and developed the website with overview pages and individual pages for the shops in the Stockerau shopping arcade.

Drive more people directly to local shopping via Google Ads

By placing Google Ads in the area around the shopping centre, visitors are attracted. The goal of the ads is to directly use the route planner and drive to Stockcity Plaza to shop. This way, even with a small budget, we reach up to 100 people per month who go shopping in the centre.


We were also happy to take care of the signage!


more projects

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Online shop & SEO for the Leuchtenstudio Seiter[dipi_scroll_image scroll_image="" scroll_image_height="633px" scroll_type="on_mouse" scroll_speed="30" back_scroll_speed="10"...

OEGCH Website & Campaigns

OEGCH Website & Campaigns

Website development and Facebook support for the Austrian Society for Surgery[dipi_image_showcase_child...

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