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The number 1 on Google for tattoo topics

With search engine optimisation we have achieved the first places in the Google search results in Austria & tlw. also reached Germany & Switzerland.

Here are just a few examples of our top rankings:

So we get organically

50,000 visitors per week

to the Tattoo Network website and blog.

The combination of measures is important to successfully reach the top of Google.


Through the individual development with the CMS Umbraco, the optimisation of the page speed to 100% and the creation of the SEO content as well as the technical SEO optimisations, we can achieve such good results.

more projects

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

Leuchtenstudio Seiter Onlineshop & SEO

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OEGCH Website & Campaigns

OEGCH Website & Campaigns

Website development and Facebook support for the Austrian Society for Surgery[dipi_image_showcase_child...

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