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Websites & Onlineshops

New development

If there is no web presence yet, we will be happy to develop a new website, if desired of course also with an online shop and any special functions. Mobile optimisation, basic SEO and DSGVO compliance are a matter of course for us. Multilingualism, user administration and technical connections to external systems are also possible.

The content either comes from you or we support you in the creation of high-quality images and equally search engine optimised as well as user-friendly texts.

After the completion of the new website, your employees will receive training on the website or it will continue to be managed by us.


If you already have a website, we are happy to carry out various performance improvements, from design and page speed optimisation to the necessary DSGVO updates. But the implementation of additional pages, languages, links and functions is of course also possible.

Ongoing support

We are happy to look after your website on an ongoing basis, carry out regular backups and updates, constantly expand the site and make changes.

Websites & Onlineshop
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SEO & Visibility

We bring your website to the top of Google

In order for your website to be found among the top results on Google, a number of factors must be right. On the one hand, there is the page speed, so the website must load quickly. Equally important, however, is the content and design of the website, good usability must be given and the content should be unique and qualitative. A lot also needs to be taken into account when creating the text and designing the pages on the website in order to be found later on Google. For example, adherence to the H structure, the inclusion of alt tags for images or the maintenance of metadata.

We optimise the content on your website so that it loads faster, is better found and performs better. We are happy to create specific SEO pages for certain keywords and topics, write blog articles and take over the technical and content optimisation of the existing content.

We are also happy to assist with off-page SEO of the website, i.e. building qualitative backlinks on other pages to increase the relevance of the page.


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Campaigns & Ads

Campaign creative concept

Since the attention span of the average user is like that of a goldfish, it is important to stand out with creative, exciting, funny, targeted content. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how texts for social media or Google Ads campaigns should be written so that they attract the user’s attention. Our concept team will be happy to come up with exciting concepts that suit your company. So at the very beginning of a campaign there is always the conception, in which we determine how we can best reach the target group through which channels and with which approach.

Media concept & Conversion Tracking

In the media concept, the parameters of the campaign are defined, i.e. the budget, the target group, the target, the landing page, etc. We also implement the conversion tracking if this is not yet available. We also implement the conversion tracking, if this is not already in place. This allows us to measure the success of the campaign and collect important data, which we analyse and thus continuously optimise the campaign.

Implementation of Google Ads, social media campaigns & more

We set up your Google search and display ads as well as your social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok & Co. Depending on the company and the goal they want to achieve, other channels are suitable. We also implement affiliate marketing, email campaigns and content marketing for your company.

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